BAMSS Policies, Rules and Regulations

Our goal is to provide a good time for all Performance and Tech Department members.  In order for this to occur, certain guidelines are necessary to
regulate rehearsal procedures and behavior.  Please make sure that you are completely aware of the following information.


A. “No Visitors” Policy: 

1.   Cast Members feel more confident making creative choices without an audience.

               2.   We have no provision for friends or siblings who may want to visit or wait.

3.   BAMSS cannot take responsibility for any un-enrolled child dropped off with a student.

               4.   There is no Late Pick-up. Workshop members must depart or be picked up at 6 PM every day.

B. “Food Glorious Food …”          

             1.    Eating is done in designated areas during snack time only with clean-up afterward.

                2.    Food will only be allowed at break times. Snacks & beverages should be brought from home.

                       Cast Members bring their own lunch/snack with beverage, daily. DO NOT SEND/BRING GLASS BOTTLES.

 3.    You can drink water – anytime … all the time!

 4.    Snack should have the Cast Member’s name printed in BOLD LETTERS on the side.

 5.    All beverages should be in plastic containers. Please do not send or bring  soda – water is highly recommended!

 6.    Cast Members must eat snacks at the Workshop site – Cast Members cannot leave the Workshop site to purchase or eat lunch.

                7.    Clean-up after yourselves and help each other pick-up:


                               Food items

                              Scripts / lyrics       


                1.    Cell phones must be turned off and put away or left with staff at the start of and retrieved at the end of each rehearsal day.

 2.    Cellular phones, pagers, or other small electronic devices are not allowed in rehearsals and classes. (Except tape recorders for learning music)

 3 .    If you need to contact BAMSS Staff during Workshop times call: 347.218.0709

               1.   Cast Members are expected to attend all meetings and rehearsals. Absences are accepted under emergency circumstances only. There
                      are no make-up sessions for absences.


               1.   We ask that Cast Members do not wear expensive jewelry. Valuables such as money, watches, and jewelry should be properly
                      safeguarded.  We suggest they be checked in at the start of each rehearsal day.

               2.   The BAMSS Production Staff will not be responsible for personal property or valuables brought from home.



               1.   All Cast Members must have Emergency Contact sheets on file.

2.   All Cast Members under 13 years of age must have a designated drop-off and pick-up person on file.

               3.   Parents/Guardians must list the names of all individuals designated to pick-up Cast Members on the emergency contact
                     sheet.  Please notify the staff of any special arrangements to have a Cast Member picked up by a designated adult
                     other than those on the contact sheet or to have Cast Member excused early. This must be done before the rehearsal day starts.

4.   Parents/Guardians must make arrangements to have their children picked up at the times listed.



              A BAMSS Production is a place where young people can be free to have a good time in a structured but unregimented environment and enjoy

              many creative activities with others.  We do not expect any discipline problems.  However, we need to state the following:

              1.    In the rare event a Cast Member creates a situation which could be detrimental to him/herself, the other students, or the rehearsal parents will
                      be notified to pick up the student immediately.

               2.    Depending on the offense, BAMSS Staff will determine if or when the Cast Member will be allowed to return to rehearsal activities or even to the
                      production itself.



                    Parents are responsible for any damages, or defacing of property incurred by Cast Members while at the rehearsals.       

                    Parents will be billed  for any damages, after inspection, at the conclusion of the production.

            4.    No knives, sharp objects, pets, etc., may be brought into the rehearsals. If any of these items are brought to the rehearsals, they will be
                    taken by the staff. Staff will then return it to the Workshop member’s parent/guardian at the end of the day.

            5.    Fighting, vandalism, and disrespect displayed to Adult or Youth Leaders or Cast Members WILL NOT be tolerated.

            6.    Those unable to follow Production Rules & Regulations or Staff, and who are constant discipline problems will be sent to the BAMSS Leadership for
                    disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Action:


Depending on the severity of an offense resulting from a language or behavior problem, disciplinary action may be:

    • Cast Member taken out of planned activity for a period of time.
    • Cast Member and BAMSS Counselor will make a phone call to parent/guardian.
    • A note sent home with the Cast Member to their parent/guardian; upon returning to BAMSS, the note must be signed by parent/guardian.
    • Suspension of Cast Member. A Parent/Counselor meeting will have to occur before Cast Member may return. After suspension, if
      inappropriate language/behavior continues, the Cast Member may be suspended for the remainder of the program.


              Every disciplinary action depends on the severity or frequency of a particular offense. 

We do not contact or inform parents of minor offenses.

BAMSS Leadership reserves the discretion and final judgment on disciplinary action to be taken for the Workshop.


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