Since 2001 By All Means Save Some (BAMSS), also known as BAMSS Theatre Works, has provided New York City school students integrated theatre programs in workshop settings where they own the process of forming community and creatively serving it. Our skilled Teaching Artists provide comprehensive instruction in acting, theatre skills, musical theatre, voice, chorus, dance, movement for the theatre and theatre appreciation. 


BAMSS Workshops culminate in productions of either original student works or previously produced plays or musicals. We focus on process, which provides the framework and a safe environment for personal change and development.  We work with individual schools to design programs that work best for them and their students whether in or extra-curricular.   Some workshops offered are:


Direction!  Students learn the process of developing and producing a finished performance piece.  Training focuses on understanding the needs of the production based on the script—from concept and technical design to performance.


Talk/SING!   In this workshop, students experience musical theatre and learn how professionals move from dramatic scenes into musical scenes. Students learn about the process of script and song analysis, as well as dramatic and vocal interpretation.  They actively participate in the workshop by
learning and performing scenes that lead into songs.


The Living Newspaper!  In this workshop, students read and choose articles from the news as the basis for creating original works. Students work collaboratively to develop one-act plays while also learning about current events, developing research and writing skills, improvisation and ensemble skills.


 Discoveries in Action!  Students discover the process of creating theater. They learn the concepts and elements of metaphor, style, movement, staging, rhythm, dynamics and form. Through interactive exercises students gain an understanding of their instrumental roles in the creative process. The workshop culminates in an original work which students perform to a public audience.


The skills and concepts taught by BAMSS are based on the NY State Learning Standards for the Arts and incorporate the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts for students grades 4 - 12.