Sponsor a Child


Who BAMSS is and What we do...

For the last 15 years, BAMSS has helped transform the lives of children through our artistic programs.



Did you know that theatre teaches life skills? 

BAMSS Theatre Works uses multiple theatre disciplines to help young people gain an understanding of their value in the community as creative communicators.


How you can help...

Every year BAMSS conducts Musical Theater Youth Summer Workshops.  Students sing, they dance and tap into their

inner thespian as we engage them in the exciting process of storytelling. Young people

explore who they are, through a theatrical experience they will .

This summer is no different.


BAMSS prices are kept low to include as many young people as possible. It's a deal that is like nothing else in NYC, and yet, every year there are kids who want to participate in our program, but can't because money is an issue for their families. Here are the testimonials of three young people. Two of them were able to participate in the past summer workshops because of scholarships they received:


"...This program challenged me in so many ways.

Working with so much talent in one place challenged me to work even harder throughout the program and my life. There is so much love and compassion in this program. This company has taught me that

I can do great things.  As long as BAMSS is still in existence,

I know there's always a place for me to go in the summer."

- Brittney



"...When I entered BAMSS...for a summer theatre workshop, it
totally changed my whole perspective of performers and performing.

The people were so nice and caring. I really have been blessed to be able to work with these incredible people... Because of the foundation that I've learned  from being in this program, I am going to

pursue [the arts] in college and as a career."




 "What BAMSS means to me is pretty much everything. Acting and
singing is my life, so to have both of them put together (and I donít get this
a lot) it's pretty awesome. I first joined BAMSS when I was 10 years old,

and I never left. I was really shy back then, but now I have made

a lot of new friends and I'm a lot less shy now.

BAMSS is my happy place."

- Kristiana




You can join BAMSS Theatre Works in helping Kids like these grow through an amazing musical theater workshop. 

We welcome sponsors and encourage anyone who can, to gift this wonderful opportunity to a child

in need of the life changing effects of theatre.

Together, we can, By All Means Save Some.